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View live data feed from select solar thermal systems utilizing the Delta-T Pro controller

Specifically designed to regulate the operation of a solar heating system, the Delta-T Standard Series model monitors collector and storage temperatures. The controller will automatically turn pumps on or off when the right temperature differential is reached. The controller can also provide additional functions, such as system freeze protection, by recirculation and storage tank high-limit shut-off. 







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Delta-T Std Control - 120 VAC with plug
Product Code: DLTA 000 000
Price: $158.00 



Delta-T Std Control - 120 VAC without plug
Product Code: DLTA 001 000
Price: $151.00


Delta-T Std Control - 240 VAC without plug
Product Code: DLTA 002 000
Price: $161.00


All models of the Delta-T controller can be purchased through this website via PayPal. If you are a contractor, you can also purchase from your nearest Heliodyne distributor. For a dealer in your area, call our sales dept. at 1.888.878.8750.