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View live data feed from select solar thermal systems utilizing the Delta-T Pro controller

Pro Controller Software Updates > 2. Firmware updates

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    heliodyne_17_armhf 1.deb

    Version 5.17 (1/11/2018)*Fixed WiFi activation issue on newest version of Beaglebone board. Previous versions:5.16 (7/20/2017) *Fixed the bug of high tank limit and vacation under commercial mode with variable speed operation. || Version 5.15 (7/7/2017) *Optimized log file storage and rotation *Add new feature for relay 3 re-circulation control *Fixed issue with pulse flow meter || 5.14 (5/2/2017)*Resolved the problem with UI being non responsive under certain conditions *Implemented new variable speed control algorithm *Improved stability of Internet connection under static IP || 5.10 (2/16/2017) *Corrected energy production display || Version 5.9 (2/9/2017) *Modified default sensor settings and Internet connectivity selection || Version 5.8 (1/30/2017) *Initial production release COPYRIGHT © 2018, DELTA T CONTROLS. A DIVISION OF HELIODYNE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.